Rapid Recovery Combo Package
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MR45 Fieldpiece Recover Machine

This combo package consists of: 

1. MR45INT - Digital Recovery Machine x 1unit
2. REFCO HCL6-60-Y-N-3/8X1/4 RAPID RECOVERY HOSE (5FT) x 3pcs
3. 32525 REFCO RAPID RECOVERY VALVE (R22/134A/404A/507/407C) x 2pcs
5. APPION Speed-Y, 3/8'' X 1/4'' x 1pc
6. Refco CL-6-B Connection Hose x 1pc

The Recovery Revolution
Smart, variable speed one horsepower motor

  • Starts and runs easily with lower voltage
  • Minimizes liquid slugging and maximizes vapor recovery
  • Easy access ports
  • Water resistant to withstand direct rain

Welcome to the Recovery Revolution

The Fieldpiece MR45 recovery machine has onboard system monitoring that adjusts motor performance to handle liquid and run twice as fast on vapor.  MR45 also steps up low voltage at the power plug to deliver full power to the motor where high voltage drop is a problem.  With a powerful 1HP motor and super-sized condenser, this machine excels on longer and hotter jobs.  The easy-to-read display, lightweight (22lbs), straight hose connection ports, and single dial make this machine user-friendly while being tough enough for everyday use, even in the rain.

  • Protects from voltage drop (runs as low as 95 VAC)
  • Single dial self purge
  • Twice the RPMs (3,000) and twice the horsepower (1HP) with DC Motor
  • Extra large condenser cools faster, especially on hot days
  • Only 22 lbs
  • Water resistance to withstand direct rain
  • Easy access ports
  • Long life and low friction with ceramic cylinders
  • Dual cylinder compressor
  • Easy hose connections and built in power cord storage
  • Large backlit display with status messages



Item Number 4687411

  • High volume flow rate due to larger diameter
  • Without core depressor
  • Replaceable neoprene (CR) seal
  • High-quality material for maximum durability, against hardening and embrittlement
  • Serrated union nuts for better grip when tightening by hand

32525 Valve Core Replacing Tool - 1/4“ SAE system connection
  • Change valve core under pressure
  • Faster evacuation and charging
  • Deep vacuum measuring at system
  • No refrigerant loss
  • With blank off valve
  • With adjustable vacuum gauge access port ¼“ SAE

Part No 4687701

High-Speed Y Fitting for Fast Recovery or Evacuation

The MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y features a large inner diameter for unrestricted Full Flow, is Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and rated for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410a. The Speed-Y makes it easy to connect multiple hoses to a single point without the drawbacks of a traditional manifold.

Features and Benefits

  • Full Flow - Large inner diameter with no restrictions for increased conductance speed
  • Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns
  • Designed for High Pressure - Designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A
  • Simplified Connections - Easily connect multiple hoses to a single point and reduce leak points
  • Durable - Premium aircraft grade aluminum bodies with high quality brass fittings
  • Increase the speed of any recovery pump or vacuum pump with 1/4in connections

Why Use a Speed-Y Instead of a Manifold?

Traditional manifolds suffer from a few shortcomings; highly restrictive, not designed for deep vacuum and a lot of potential leak points. The Speed-Y solves all of these issues in a small tidy package. Simplify your job, increase conductance speed and decrease recovery/evacuation times with the MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y.

Working on Large Multi-Port Systems?

With the MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y, vacuum pumps with only a few ports are no longer limited. Easily connect multiple hoses to a single port. The Greater the Flow... The Faster it will Go!

Are your Tools Rated for Vacuum and Pressure?

The MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y is Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. This combination will give you the peace of mind that your tools aren't going to leak in a deep vacuum or during critical parts of the recovery process.

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