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R23 is a HFC, it is suitable as a retrofit replacement for R13 and R503, with similar physical and thermodynamic properties. R23 is used in very low temperature refrigeration systems. The most common application is in cascade refrigeration systems at temperature -40 °C to -80 °C.

Product name:  HYCOOL 23 (Trifluoromethane)
Physical property:
 Molecular weight 70.02
 Boiling point, °C -82.1
 Critical temperature °C 25.9
 Critical pressure, MPa 4.84
 Specific heat of liquid, 25°C, [KJ/(kg•°C)] 1.55
 ODP 0.00
 GWP 14800
Packing  Refillable cylinder 8kg
 Quality standard :
 Purity, % ≥99.5
 Moisture, ppm ≤10
 Acid value, ppm ≤1
 Evaporation residue, ppm ≤100
 Appearance Clear, colorless liquid and vapor
 Smell Faint ethereal odor

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